Well, that was an adventure!

Moving RichardVannoy.info to our new TeachElectronics.com domain has been a pain in the neck refreshing challenge.  Some stuff still needs fixing at this writing — for one thing, those pesky icons on the home page won’t resize — but thanks to our great team of professionals, we pulled it off.

Many months ago, Richard was telling Serene about his vision for the next chapter in his teaching career, and she got excited about the opportunity to help with it, so they decided to work together on some new stuff: social media, a new website, and a plan for getting Richard’s innovative two-year electronics program to more students. What followed were lots of meetings full of brainstorming and scribbled notes, way too many mishaps with a webhosting company who will go unnamed, and a gracious offer of art from Joan Ortiz.

Anyway, we’re happy to finally be here, and we’ll probably spend the next week fixing the things that broke in the move, but isn’t that the way life’s adventures usually go?

Anyway, please poke around and let us know how you like things.