Building A Line-following Robot

Building a Line Following Robot Here is an article I wrote about "How I Built a Line Following Robot": Building a Line-Follower Software and Hardware This robot is built using the concepts and ideas of a college electronics course called "Embedded Systems". The following will be the heart of the systems discussed for this robot: […]

Clothesline Racers

What is a Clothesline Racer? A Clothesline Racer is a vehicle that can start at one end of a clothesline or cable, and go to the other end and return. (This contest described here will use a 3/16 inch galvanized steel cable.) Click here to learn how to build a timer for Clothes-Line Racers. Click […]

Sumo Robot

Mini-Sumo Robot Contest Update: The next mini-sumo robot contest we’ll be participating in is on November 19, 2016, at the Riverside Robotics Society meeting. ┬áTo share strategies with other roboticists, please comment on our Mini-Sumo Strategies post or on the Meetup discussion. This page is here to support students and hobbyists in preparing for sumo […]

Building a Line-maze-solving Robot

A Line-Maze Solving Algorithm Building a Line Maze Solving Robot BY POPULAR DEMAND: Two years ago, I developed a PowerPoint presentation to fully explain the algorithm for solving a line maze. I have had numerous requests for this document, so here is a direct link to the line-maze-algorithm [pdf] Index Index SECTION 1 What is […]