Riverside Robotics Society meeting January 2016

Another good meeting with the Riverside Robotics Society folks. This was a busy one! The first event was a great one for movie geeks — DeLorean, anyone? It’s not “the one from the movie,” but no one cared. It was pretty awesome. As you can see, they also brought the Doc Brown van, and the car is perfect, as far as I could tell. The Society member who brought it to the meeting was clearly thrilled with the crowd’s response to the car, and everyone had a great time. was there doing a story, as well. Here’s a link to their story.


Next, Richard gave an excellent lecture detailing the layout and function of every part of the Arduino Uno [ppt]. This is in order to prepare the club members to begin building robots for competition. Sorry for the terrible photo, but I was in terrible light. There are better ones in the RRS’s newsletter. I’ve requested permission to put the link to that here, and will do so if they grant it.

Richard teaching Arduino

After that, there was a fun show-and-tell that included everything from an automated Ouija board (for a Hollywood “escape room” company) to a really great R2D2 in progress.

If you’re in Southern California, I encourage you to look at the PowerPoint above, do the homework at this link [docx], and come to the meeting in February. At that meeting, Richard will be teaching folks how to program an Arduino. For more information about the meetings, please head on over to their Meetup group.

Oh, and apropos of my recent post on gender, this meeting was much more balanced: around a 10 to 7 male-to-female ratio, and at least half of the women and girls were there for their own sake, not just to be transportation for their sons. Pretty cool.

For more information on buying and using Arduinos, see the Arduino homepage.