TeachElectronics Robotics Contests in San Diego

TeachElectronics will be hosting/mentoring a quarterly robotics contest, beginning in May, 2016. Each quarter’s contest will rotate among these four types:

These are roughly in order of least to most difficult, so it’s a great way to start off in robotics.

May 28: Clothesline Racer Contest!

Where: ITT Technical Institute, 401 Mile of Cars Way, National City (Just South of downtown San Diego).

When: 1:00 pm, Saturday, May 28th.

Directions: The school is just off of I-5, a few miles South of downtown San Diego.

1. From East San Diego County: I-8 West to South I-15 to South I-5. Once on I-5, look for one of the first exits in National City; Mile of Cars Way. (Go to Step 3. below.)

2. From North of San Diego: Head South for San Diego on whichever is closest to you: I-5 South or I-15 South.

a. If you took I-15: I-15 ends South of downtown San Diego, near the National City border. Take I-5 South for just a few exits to the Mile of Cars Way exit.   (Go to Step 3. below.)

b. If you took I-5, stay on I-5 South past downtown San Diego. (Go to Step 3. below.)

3. Exit I-5 South at Mile of Cars Way. Go left one block. When you see Denny’s on the right, look for ITT Technical Institute on the left. (401 Mile of Cars Way) Turn left into parking lot; use the South building entrance.

Contest Registration

To allow organizers to plan the events, all contestants must register. Nothing formal. For each robot entered, send the Class that the racer is entering (See “Vehicle Classes”: “Low Tech”; “High Tech” on the rules page linked below), the name of the contact person and a contact email address to Richard Vannoy at RoboticsProfessor@gmail.com.

Deadline for registration is May 26, 2016.

Click here to see the rules, and more about clothesline racers.