4-wheel-drive Rover, Part 2

Lynxmotion.com 4-Wheel Drive Rover Kit Part 2: The Mechanics Part 1: The First Steps – Assembling the documentation and deciding on the robot capabilities. Part 2: The Mechanics – Assembling the Rover Body (This Page) Part 3: The Sensors – Mounting and Testing the Sensors Part 4: The Main Algorithm and Source Code Polycarbonate Information […]

4-wheel-drive Rover

Lynxmotion.com 4-wheel-drive Rover Kit Recently, in appreciation for my robotics and electronics work with my students, my supervisors gave me the gift of a ‘4WD1 Rover Kit’ from Lynxmotion.com. The kit includes: The rover body with four wheels and four drive motors A Sabertooth 2X10 Motor Controller A Bot Board II Carrier Board A Basic […]