plain arduino board

What the heck is an Arduino?

I’m not an electronics wizard. Even though my parents have both taught in tech for most of my life, and we had a TRS-80 in the garage when I was eleven, I went a different route in high school and college and pursued writing and performing. I am, however, deeply in love with the ideas […]

Inverted Pendulum

Inverted Pendulum Design, Construction and Operation An Electronics Bachelor’s Degree Student Project Purpose The purpose of this page is to document the design, construction and operation of a six-foot high by three-foot wide inverted pendulum, in such a way that you, the reader can duplicate this project using this information as your guide. This is […]

Building A Line-following Robot

Building a Line Following Robot Here is an article I wrote about "How I Built a Line Following Robot": Building a Line-Follower Software and Hardware This robot is built using the concepts and ideas of a college electronics course called "Embedded Systems". The following will be the heart of the systems discussed for this robot: […]

Clothesline Racers

What is a Clothesline Racer? A Clothesline Racer is a vehicle that can start at one end of a clothesline or cable, and go to the other end and return. (This contest described here will use a 3/16 inch galvanized steel cable.) Click here to learn how to build a timer for Clothes-Line Racers. Click […]