Resources: The Basic Stamp

The Basic Stamp The basic Stamp series, centered around, offers the hobbyist one of the most versitile and easy to use hardware and software combinations. Combine this with the incredible array of documentation and projects and project ideas for the Basic Stamp and you have one of the best and most popular systems available […]

Assembly Language

Assembly Language Programming Your Robot It is generally accepted that there are three types or levels of computer programming languages; Machine Code, Assembly Language and High level languages. (Although some authors and texts reduce these to two: 1. Machine Code and Assembly, and 2. High Level Languages.) Here are some examples: Machine Code Machine code […]

Arduino Student Labs

This section will contain labs specifically designed for students and hobbyists interested in learning microcontroller programming and Arduino technologies. Some of these, I will create. For some, I will combine the elements of several other sources to make a more informative lab. In an effort to not reinvent the wheel, some items will link to […]