Resources: The Basic Stamp

The Basic Stamp

The basic Stamp series, centered around, offers the hobbyist one of the most versitile and easy to use hardware and software combinations. Combine this with the incredible array of documentation and projects and project ideas for the Basic Stamp and you have one of the best and most popular systems available for electronics and robotics projects.

If you have a well described and documented project that you would like to see included here, email me the link to the address below and I would be glad to include it here.

Basic Stamp Links

Serial I/O Projects

10-Key Serial keypad: Use a single I/O-pin on your BASIC Stamp to accept keypad entry. Ser-Key lets you build 10-key “serial” keypads using simple push-button switches.

‘X-Treme Serial Control’ Learn to control relays with your PC & the Basic Stamp. Including the ability to pre-program relay ON/OFF times for ‘Unattended Relay Operation’.

RS-232 Projects

RS-232 Data Terminal/Logging SoftwareView and log all incoming serial data from your PC serial port with our custom serial logging/terminal software.

Visual Basic

Understanding and Using Visual Basic.

Servos and Servo Controllers

Serial Servo Controller: Complete Software and a Tutorial showing you how to build your own software interface to take full control of the Mini SSC II Serial Servo Controllers from Scott Edwards Electronics.

Servo Commander: Build your own Serial Servo Motor Control Chips. This project comes complete with Visual Basic interface software for controlling servo motors from your computer.

IR (Infrared) Projects

Transmit IR Signals through walls Turn your IR transmitter into an RF transmitter.

Simple, inexpensive, RF wireless communications systemThis article shows how to use the TWS-434 and RWS-434 RF modules with the BASIC Stamp for wireless communications links.

Infrared data communications. This project shows how to build an infrared data communications system that lets your BASIC Stamps talk to each other over infrared light at up to 2400 baud.