Sumo Robot

Mini-Sumo Robot Contest Update: The next mini-sumo robot contest we’ll be participating in is on November 19, 2016, at the Riverside Robotics Society meeting. ┬áTo share strategies with other roboticists, please comment on our Mini-Sumo Strategies post or on the Meetup discussion. This page is here to support students and hobbyists in preparing for sumo […]

Perpetual Pendulum

Perpetual Pendulum Introduction A pendulum, once started, will always swing in less and less of an arc until it comes to rest. A ‘Perpetual Pendulum’ appears to swing forever, thus seeming to defy the laws of physics. The trick for a perpetual pendulum is to give the pendulum a little ‘push’ occasionally. This is much […]

Building a Line-maze-solving Robot

A Line-Maze Solving Algorithm Building a Line Maze Solving Robot BY POPULAR DEMAND: Two years ago, I developed a PowerPoint presentation to fully explain the algorithm for solving a line maze. I have had numerous requests for this document, so here is a direct link to the line-maze-algorithm [pdf] Index Index SECTION 1 What is […]

Resources: The Basic Stamp

The Basic Stamp The basic Stamp series, centered around, offers the hobbyist one of the most versitile and easy to use hardware and software combinations. Combine this with the incredible array of documentation and projects and project ideas for the Basic Stamp and you have one of the best and most popular systems available […]

Assembly Language

Assembly Language Programming Your Robot It is generally accepted that there are three types or levels of computer programming languages; Machine Code, Assembly Language and High level languages. (Although some authors and texts reduce these to two: 1. Machine Code and Assembly, and 2. High Level Languages.) Here are some examples: Machine Code Machine code […]