Arduino Student Labs

This section will contain labs specifically designed for students and hobbyists interested in learning microcontroller programming and Arduino technologies.

Some of these, I will create. For some, I will combine the elements of several other sources to make a more informative lab. In an effort to not reinvent the wheel, some items will link to good construction articles at other sites.

Labs that do NOT have links in the left column have no information for you. I will be adding labs as soon as I can. Keep checking back to see new additions.

NOTE: Points assigned to the labs below will help you to determine the difficulty for each Lab. The idea is that the number of ‘points’ should generally represent the number of minutes it would take to complete that lab. I require my students to do 100 points of lab per 2-1/2 hour lab session. If you feel the points for any lab should be increased or decreased, please let me know through the Feedback Page.

NOTICE!! Only the labs with active links in the left column are completed or almost complete. No link means the lab is still on the list to be developed. If you see one you would like to see developed sooner, email me and I will move it to the top of the list.

lab-01 25 LED Flasher Flash a single LED on and off.
lab-02 25 S.O.S. Flasher Have an LED flash the morse code for the International Distress Signal (SOS)
lab-03 25 Vary LED Brightness Use Analog output to vary the brightness of an LED
lab-04 50 Knight Rider Flash six LEDs using the PWM Ports; Flasher looks like the Knight Rider car named K.I.T.T. in the TV series.
lab-05 25 Candle Light LED randomly changes brightness – Seems to flicker like a candle  
lab-06 25 Piezo Sound Play a simple tune with a piezo disc  
lab-07 25 Input Switch/Button Use a switch to turn an LED on and off.  
lab-08 50 Temperature LM35 Temperature Sensor  
lab-09 25 Blink with Pot Adjusting potentiometer changes the frequency of a blinking LED.  
lab-10 25 ASCII Display ASCII Characters  
lab-11 25 CDS Light Sensor Use Cadmium Sulfide (CDS) sensor to detect light  
lab-12 50 Motor Spin Spin a small DC motor  
lab-13 50 Analog Input/Output Potentiometer varies brightness of an LED  
lab-14 50 Traffic Lights Have red. yellow, green LEDs cycle through traffic light pattern  
lab-15 60 Interactive Traffic Lights Similar to Lab-14, but a pushbutton will activate a pedestrian crossing light  
lab-16 30 Servo Control Control a servo through 180 degrees  
lab-17 60 Stepper Motor Control a Stepper Motor  
lab-18 60 Ping))) Install Ping))) Acoustic Sensor and take distance measurements  
lab-19 30 Phototransistor 4 LEDs as bar-graph driven by phototransistor  
lab-20 30 Pot and Motor Use potentiometer analog input to control speed of a small DC motor  
lab-21 30 Knock Sensor Detect sound with a piezo disc  
lab-22 100 LED Chase    
lab-23   Multiple LEDs Blink 8 LEDs in sequence  
lab-24   LCD Display Display text on an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)  
lab-25   7-Segment LED Display number sequence with 7-Segment LED  
lab-26   DC Motor Tachometer Research fan motor that has a tachometer output  
lab-27 75 Interactive LED Chase Use a potentiometer to vary time delay  
lab-28 50 Relay Control Use a relay to control a DC motor  
lab-29   74HC595 Shift Register  
lab-30   Mood Lamp    
lab-31   Serial Mood Lamp    
lab-32   Morse Code Translator Enter some text and have toe Arduino send that text message in Morse Code  
lab-33   Random Dice Create two dice and ‘roll’ the dice using a random number  
lab-34   Theremin Create electronic music  
lab-35   VU Meter    
lab-36   RGB Colors    
lab-37   Serial Communications    
lab-38   LCD Print messages on a Liquid Crystal Display  
lab-39   Accelerometer    
lab-40   Joystick    
lab-41   8-Bit Counter    
lab-42   Keypad    
lab-43   Encoder    
lab-44   Lie Detector    
lab-45   IR Remote Control    
lab-46   Debounce    
lab-47   Arrays    
lab-48   SPI    
lab-49   Stopwatch    
lab-50   LED Dot Matrix    
lab-51   Motor Driver    
lab-52   MIDI Music    
lab-53   Passive Infrared (PIR)    
lab-54   Bluetooth    
lab-55   L298 H-Bridge Control motor direction and speed with an H-Bridge circuit  
lab-56   I2C