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Arduino resources (and a giveaway)

[UPDATE: We have a winner!]

I have a confession to make. I only own one Arduino (an Uno that Richard gave to me). And I can’t find it. I looked this morning, but I’ll bet James has it put away someplace logical, and he’s not up yet this morning, so for today’s post, instead of a look at my latest Arduino lab, I’m going to post a few of my favorite Arduino resources, ask you for some more, and then what the heck, give away an Arduino in exchange for the help (and order myself a new one, too!) so please let your friends know there’s a giveaway going on from now until February 15th.

Serene’s favorite Arduino resources
The obvious place to start is the Arduino website, where you can not only buy the genuine Arduino, but read their blog, see tutorials, learn the code, and play in the Playground wiki with other enthusiasts.
Sparkfun Arduino resources
They sell all kinds of microcontroller stuff at SparkFun, but they also have lots of little tutorials and articles that might be helpful to beginners and other hobbyists.
11 Great Arduino Resources
The folks at Arduino For Dummies have compiled a list with some good places to start, including helpful descriptions.
Any good bookstore
I chose Powell’s, because I really like their store, but any good bookstore will have tons of books on Arduino, from learning what microcontrollers do to interesting projects you can undertake.

Our readers’ faves
If you’re in Germany, our reader Cedric Walter recommends

Arduino Uno giveaway!

To enter our giveaway, let us know your favorite Arduino or other microcontroller resource — shops, books, websites, people — and we will choose one comment at random on February 15th to receive a free Arduino (or Genuino, if you’re outside of the US). We will contact the winner via email, so make sure you include your email address, which will not show up publicly. We will also not store, share, sell, or otherwise use your email address.


  • Cedric Walter

    My favorite source is because its the biggest electronic market near to me

    • Serene Vannoy

      Thank you! I will go add that to our list now!

  • SubmarineBells

    Not an arduino resource, exactly… But my fave electronics resource is my friend Lindra, who does electronics assembly for a living, and helped me scratch-build the blinkenlights circuitry to go inside a knitted dalek that I made as a gift for my partner. It was a lot of fun, and I’d love to learn more about electronics, but haven’t yet had a chance to go further down that rabbit-hole. :-7

    • Serene Vannoy

      I feel you on the time thing. Even with online learning (which of course is the whole point of what I’m doing here), so many other things pull on my time these days.

    • Serene Vannoy

      You won! Please send me your mailing address — serene at serenepages (org).